What We Ate - Web Application

What We Ate - Web Application

What We Ate is an archive of recipes that my partner and I have made and dishes we had in the past. This project was based off of the React project from React Explained: Your Step-By-Step Guide to React by Zac Gordon with the addition of another function, an image uploader. Aesthetically the project highlights clean, but approachable modular design and is fully responsive.


  1. User authentication, with two states: an authenticated state and not authenticated
  2. Once authenticated, ability to create, edit and delete posts
  3. Asynchronous image upload to Firebase storage
  4. Live syncing with Firebase
  5. Deployment with Netlify

Find Project Here: https://react-food-archive.netlify.app/



React, HTML, Bootstrap4, CSS3, Google Firebase, Netlify, Adobe XD


Sketches, Wireframes, Mockups, UI Design, Branding, Front-end Code

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What We Ate

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