Promotional Emails

Promotional Emails

Emails were a major driver of website traffic for ShoeMetro, therefore the design needed to be both compelling to a diverse audience and reflective of the promotion or core message. I conceptualized and executed email creatives, as well as edited my own product photography (instead of utilizing stock photos).

Process of creating a promotional email

Brief of Project

Meet with the client to establish objectives and focus of the project.


  • Client: ShoeMetro marketing
  • Objective: Promote Boots Under $15
  • Focus: Quantity and variety of selection of boots in sale


A strategy is developed on how best to execute a design that both represents the promotion and engages the consumers. This stage may also involve researching similar promotions from other competitors and analyzing which elements made an email compelling.

Following from previous example:

  • Heavy blocky font and bright colors to emphasize message
  • Choose a variety of boots to showcase selection and quantity
  • Utilize seasonal bold colors to grab attention

Wireframe and Mockup

After a wireframe is completed and reviewed, a basic mockup is drawn up with a filler image.


Many promotions require custom photography to effectively execute the design. Once the photo is taken, the image is edited and then added to the mockup. Different fonts and colors are experimented with then determined.

Unaltered: Unedited product photography
Edited: Unedited product photography
Mockup: Unedited product photography

Review and Adjust

The layout is presented in a review meeting with the client for approval. Feedback is given and adjustments are made if needed.

Develop, Validate, Execute

Once a layout is approved, it is coded then rigorously tested for functionality on various desktop and mobile email clients. After validation, the project is complete and ready for delivery.

Sample of other emails:


DSLR Camera, Photoshop, HTML, CSS


Wireframing, Photo Editing, Mockups, Final Asset Creation, Front-End Coding

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