PriceSmart Membership Web Application

PriceSmart is a membership based warehouse club operating in Central America and the Carribean. PriceSmart’s digital membership ecommerce software required a substantial amount of people and process operations to complete a membership. Members were asked to answer many questions to complete a basic purchase. The role of “telemarketer”, was necessary to call a member to verify their information and to complete a membership process which created significant friction to purchase.

The solution was to create a new application featuring an updated interface which reduced the steps required for users to complete a purchase and remove the need for telemarketers to call members to complete a purchase. The front page was reworked to simplify the comparisons between memberships with the most important decision making points.

Landing Page - Previous vs. Updated

Form Fill vs. Purchase Process


Sketch, InVision, HIPPO CMS, Bootstrap4, HTML5, GitHub, HotJar


Wireframes, Mockups, UI Design, Front-End Code

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PriceSmart Membership

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