Fresh Direct Mobile Application

Fresh Direct Mobile Groceries

Fresh Direct is a fictional brick and mortar grocery chain focused on providing shoppers with the freshest product at the best price, directly from partner farms and manufacturers to customers.

Problem and Solution:

Fresh Direct’s previous ecommerce platform was not mobile friendly and was unable to handle fast-moving consumer goods delivery. The solution was to create a mobile application, which would feature personalized browsing, convenient add to cart functionality, a schedule delivery function, and easier checkout.

Target Audience:

Busy shoppers who don’t want to wait through traffic or parking. Users are likely to be more technically inclined or willing to learn a new technology. These shoppers want the convenience of delivery and the value of wholesale pricing.

Research and Discovery:

Research began with identifying competitor products/apps then reading and analyzing user reviews. What did users like or dislike? What are their reactions to features such as barcode scanner in the search bar?

From user reviews I determined key properties of ecommerce applications:

  1. Ease of use: How easy is it for a user to navigate? Users want to find what they are looking for quickly. Both intuitive conventional interfaces and personalization helps with this.
  2. How fast is the app?
  3. Is the app functional?

I also compared competitor app user interfaces and determined most common components.


After the research stage, the rest of the product team and I collaborated to determine which features to include and what users would find most useful.

We concluded that personalization was important for directing users to find products they are looking for quickly, which is why 3 of the elements that are above the fold on the home screen are related to personalization.

Other key features for the home screen:

  • A persistent bottom navigation bar helps users orient themselves.
  • Since search is a primary way for users to look for what they want search was also added to the bottom navigation.
  • Many of the category sections are horizontal scroll instead of vertical scroll so users can use thumb to browse while keeping vertical scroll shorter.

User Interface Design Mockups

Another feature throughout app (not just on the home screen): add to cart with one tap with "+" call to action.

Home Screen: Before Clicking "+" Home Screen
Home Screen: After Clicking "+" Home Screen

Other Mockup Screens:


Sketch, InVision, Flinto, GitHub, Xamarin


User Flows, Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes, UI Design, Front-End Code

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