Credit Manager Web Application

Credit Manager

Credit Manager is a web application developed for internal use for a client that sells goods and services to other businesses. Business service managers (BSMs) previously used a combination of Excel and paper documents to record new credit lines, manage existing credit lines and accounts and track payments and approvals from the credit committee. This system was not the most efficient and convenient at tracking all of these items.

The solution was to create for BSMs an intuitive platform to manage client accounts from one centralized place.
With the Credit Manager Web Application users could:

  1. Create a new account with a credit line
  2. Track credit committee approvals
  3. Add new credit lines to an account
  4. Track payments from clients
  5. Log changes made by user to an account
  6. Track client purchases



Sketch, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, Vue.js


Wireframes, UI Design, Front-End Code

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